A few words from the families...

Jean Marc I wanted to extend a formal thank you for your efforts for the French exchange with San Dieguito Academy.  If you judge these exchanges by the reactions of the students and amount of cultural exchange that occurs, then I think it was a smashing success. As a host family we much enjoyed this and the experience even surpassed Kathleen's expectations. We hope things will work out for the SDA students to visit France next year.Best regards-

Dear Jean,
Damien is a wonderful young man.  We have enjoyed sharing our culture and home with him....We hope that he is enjoying us as much as we are enjoying him. 

My daughter Amelia is very excited about the idea of going to France.  She is actually saving money to go spend some time with Marie-Laure this summer.  Do you know when the trip would be? Are you thinking about this summer or December? Also how much do you think the trip would cost? I like to start saving for it. Amelia and Marie-Laure have become good friends, would it be possible for Amelia to stay with Marie-Laure?
Thank you.
Anne Patricia

Jean – Momo is a great young man.  We are truly enjoying his visit with us.  He is extremely well mannered and a joy to have around.

I just want to give you an “update” on our student, Charlotte Taylor.  Charlotte is a wonderful, warm,  sweet, polite young lady.  She has become good friends with our daughter, Gia, and fits right into our family.  We will truly miss her when she leaves next week!

I am most impressed by her ability to engage us in conversation.  Her command of English is very good.  She makes every effort to speak with all of us about many things.  It would be very easy for an exchange student to be shy and remain in their room.  But Charlotte is very social and we really enjoy conversing with her and sharing all of our lives. So far, it has been a very good experience and I hope Charlotte feels the same! Thanks!

We are really enjoying Pauline she is delightful and we think we should be thanking you.

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